Actually, they’re not support. It’s a scam.

The call starts with: “Hello, I am calling from Windows support,” or “I’m calling on behalf of Microsoft’s Certified Technician Team.”

The caller ID is no help. They’re from all over the place. We’ve seen:

  • V030120152900200
  • 6752 6752
  • New York NY (12127894566)
  • Private Caller

If you take the call, they’ll tell you a story…

  • You are getting errors on your computer and I’m calling to help you.
  • We are getting messages your computer is producing errors….I can help you with that.
  • Please switch on your computer and go to

Don’t believe them. It’s a scam.

  • NEVER give out your credit card information
  • NEVER follow their advice and go to a website they point you to
  • NEVER let them access your computer remotely

We just hang up, we don’t even talk to them. But if you feel like you need to be polite, say “Thank you, I have a tech support guy. All taken care of!” and THEN hang up.

Here are some places to learn more.