Actually, they’re not support. It’s a scam.

The call starts with: “Hello, I am calling from Windows support,” or “I’m calling on behalf of Microsoft’s Certified Technician Team.”

The caller ID is no help. They’re from all over the place. We’ve seen:

  • V030120152900200
  • 6752 6752
  • New York NY (12127894566)
  • Private Caller

If you take the call, they’ll tell you a story…

  • You are getting errors on your computer and I’m calling to help you.
  • We are getting messages your computer is producing errors….I can help you with that.
  • Please switch on your computer and go to

Don’t believe them. It’s a scam.

  • NEVER give out your credit card information
  • NEVER follow their advice and go to a website they point you to
  • NEVER let them access your computer remotely

We just hang up, we don’t even talk to them. But if you feel like you need to be polite, say “Thank you, I have a tech support guy. All taken care of!” and THEN hang up.

Here are some places to learn more.



The good people over at ifixit have figured out how easy it will be to repair your tablet if anything goes wrong.


Here are their results.

The bottom line: You don’t really want anything to go wrong.